How to Register for Spring Football

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You need 2 Things to Play

1. Register Online

2. Obtain a Green Card from GHS Nurse

Spring Football begins after Memorial Day weekend.  The CIAC allows 10 practices.  Please see the calendar for the practice schedule.  The Spring Game will be June 8th, 2018 at 5:00 pm.

Registration Information
All players must register on the GHS Athletics website. Just click on the Athletics tab at the top of the school's homepage and register for Spring Football.

If your son's Physical is still current and up-to-date than they can go to the GHS Nurse's office and get a new Green Card for Spring Football.  But if the Physical expired they need to get a new Physical and follow the instructions below in order to participate. 
Print out this Physical Sports Form and bring it to the Doctor's office when you get a physical for your son.  Have the Doctor's office fill it out and give it back to you.  Bring the completed form to the GHS Nurse, and they'll give you a Green Card to bring to the coaches.  

***This Green Card will NOT be accepted for the fall season.  A new Green Card will have to be submitted for the fall season, 2018.   If your Physical is up-to-date then you just need to visit the GHS nurse to replace the card.  But if you need a Physical, follow the above instructions.

No Green Card and Registration - No Participation!

Having Issues Registering?  Follow the Registration Instructions for using the Greenwich Athletics Website.

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